Won't Be a Findin' Her There | 2011 MAY

JOHN HOUX Music Video | 4:16

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Unleash | 2008 JUN

SOULFLY Music Video | 4:26

  • director: Robert Sexton
  • colorist: J. Cody Baker

Unleash is the first single from Soulfly's new album CONQUER, released on July 29 from Roadrunner Records.

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Dethroned | 2008 APR

DEATH ANGEL Music Video | 4:26

  • director: Robert Sexton
  • production manager: Ram Paul Silbey
  • colorist: J. Cody Baker

San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans Death Angel in the first video off of their new 2008 album Killing Season.

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Potion Mixin' | 2009 APR

WIZARDS Music Video | 3:33

The Wizards' new video for Potion Mixin' is online and their CD is available on iTunes as well. Pick it up!

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Savior | 2008 AUG

THE SHYS Music Video | 3:58

  • director: Zack Krone
  • dp/editor/colorist: J. Cody Baker

Out now on The Shys' second release, You'll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do, their single called Savior online and ready to rock.

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Penetrated | 2007 May

ERHMAN HALL Music Video | 2:58

Indie musician Erhman Hall and director Sabrina Hill spend a weekend in Monterey, CA capturing footage for this fun music video.

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Easy on the Eyes | 2006 JAN

THE SHYS Music Video | 2:51

  • director: Zack Krone | producer: The Shys
  • editor: J. Cody Baker | dp: Michael Dallum

The band showcases their style in this single for The Shys' debut EP.

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