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Alekesam | 2012

Feature Documentary |

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Abigale | 2011

Short |

Key Crew: Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Eder Diego, Chris Carpenter, Melissa Lieurance

A short film based off a conversation overheard being yelled at a social worker, while one of the directors sat in the welfare office waiting his turn.

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The Lot | 2012

Short |

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Junkie | 2012

Feature |

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The Diary of Preston Plummer | 2011 JUN

Feature |

Directed by Sean Ackerman Colored by J. Cody Baker

On the day of his college graduation, Preston Plummer cannot think of a single thing he really loves. Adrift, Preston follows a beautiful but troubled young woman to a small island town where he begins to fall for her, but it all threatens to fall apart when he uncovers her family's dark past.

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Charlie and the Rabbit | 2010 MAY

Short |

Directed by: RODRIGO OJEDA-BECK + ROBERT MACHOIAN Colored by J. Cody Baker

After watching BUGS BUNNY, CHARLIE a four year old boy sets off on an adventure to hunt down his own rabbit.

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Breakdown | 2007 DEC

16mm Drama Short | 5:30

  • director: Giovanni Di Giorgio
  • producer: Ram Paul Silbey
  • starring: Carl Schreiber, Katherine Celio
  • editor: Joseph Pestana | dp: J. Cody Baker

Kyle wakes up dazed only to find that he's been convicted of murdering his wife. Now entering the final stage of death row he's ready to move on with things.

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Fierce Friend | 2010 JUL

Feature | 90:00


A story about two boyhood friends who come to a crossroads in their adult relationship when one of them finds true love. The story explores the blurry line between love and friendship & obsession and jealousy. FIERCE FRIEND is a thrilling ride into the psyche of a sociopath.

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Something Sweet | 2006 MAY

16mm Comedy Short | 15:10

  • director: J. Cody Baker | producer: Ram Paul Silbey
  • starring: Nick Cimiluca, William Workman
  • editor: Joseph Pestana | dp: Nicholas Rini

Adam's vacation is interrupted by his psycho ex-girlfriend suspiciously demanding a cup of sugar. Ulterior motives aside Adam decides to wade his way through the neighborhood obstacles to gather a few things, and more secrets are revealed than he ever cared to know.

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Inheriting Molly | 2004 NOV

16mm Drama Short | 15:16

  • director: W. Troy Rice | producer: Natalie Stephens
  • starring: Susan Grant, D. Ben Noble
  • editor: J. Cody Baker | dp: Justin Duval

After inheriting the family mansion, Hartley immediately fires the live-in housekeeper, claiming he no longer requires her services. This turns out to be a poor decision.

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For the Record | 2005 MAR

16mm Comedy Short | 19:19

  • director: Sabrina Hill | producer: Christa Miles
  • starring: Erhman Hall, Lillie Morisson
  • editor: Daniel Preiser | dp: J. Cody Baker

Erhman Hall stars in a story about starting fresh to find the real person inside.

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